The Anchor Recovery Community Center I is located in downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Anchor II is located in Warwick RI. We encourage people in all stages of recovery to come to the center, make new friends, or meet old ones, and just enjoy a safe place to be while on your journey through recovery, Anchor is a comfortable environment free from drugs and alcohol.  Every day Anchor I serves between 120 and 500 people in recovery.  These people attend 12-step and other recovery meetings and training workshops.

People new to recovery often live in environments filled with opportunities for relapse.  Many come to the Anchor because they recognize that their new lifestyle, free from drugs and alcohol, is not compatible with their living arrangements.  We offer these individuals hope, in the form of a safe environment, that they would not otherwise have.   It is our belief that we greatly improve the likelihood of a positive outcome by providing this sort of environment to people in early recovery.  This gives these people an opportunity to obtain job interviewing skills, computer skills and interpersonal relationships that they would not otherwise have, thus serving as a stepping stone to reintegration into society and the workforce.

The Anchor is also engaged in community building and supporting development of a culture of recovery in Rhode Island.  We hope to build an attractive, vibrant culture of recovery in Rhode Island.  Our culture of recovery is based on abstinence, and the fact that people can live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives without using drugs or alcohol.   Our community center has become the hub of a community of recovery in Rhode Island.

Our emphasis isn’t just on community building, but strengthening the bonds between family members that have been weakened by years of drug and alcohol use.  All of our events are family-friendly, and most feature several children’s activities.

Our first center is located at 249 Main Street in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  The facility includes a 2,400 square foot main meeting area, offices, a reading nook and library with couches of approximately 600 square feet, a computer area with six computers and internet access, and a secondary meeting room of approximately 800 square feet with a boardroom table.

The Anchor Recovery Community Centers are a major provider of recovery coaching and telephone-based recovery support in Rhode Island.  We offer a full-time employment counselor and are a Makor Community Service destination.  The Anchor Recovery Community center recognizes that there are many paths to a successful recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.  We welcome people on all paths to recovery.

The Anchor Recovery Community Center
249 Main Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860  401-721-5100 

The Anchor Recovery Community Center II

890 Centerville Rd. Warwick RI 02886 401- 615- 9945


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Community Service Opportunities Available

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